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Things I Love Thursday

This week, as I share these things I am loving, I hope you share below what you are grateful for and love.


Whether local or not, travel is worth taking the time to go and explore.

As you read this, my husband and I are currently on a trip to Japan! I am so excited and I know that it will be amazing. We love to take trips and we are willing to scrimp in other places to do so. I have found that even though there are ways travel can feel hard, it is always worthwhile.

My ultimate bucket list travel destination is Egypt, but not this time, hopefully someday soon.

Oh She Glows App

Chia pudding topped with granola, almond butter, chia jam, hemp hearts and shredded coconut.
Blissed Out Chia Breakfast Bowl from Oh She Glows App

One of my goals this year has been to be healthier. I know for me personally this means food, my exercise and movement has been a routine, but I tend to overeat and eat foods that do not make me feel good. Part of my goal was to eat healthier and in an effort to do so I purchased this app. I have made at least one recipe per week from the app and or website. I have found the app to be great because she updates recipes there first and adds content that is not on the blog.

I have also found that if I start with a healthy breakfast I feel like I make better choices throughout the day and she tends to have great breakfast recipes, like the chia bowl above,


I have found the fun in yoga lately. I am enjoying trying new yoga poses and am finding joy even if I cannot do it all perfectly, seeing the beginning steps take hold is so magical and makes all the work I have done feel worthwhile.

Cheese Plate Friday

I have started this a few weeks or months ago. In an effort to turn appetizers into a meal, with fresh food included. I have created what I call Cheese Plate Friday. This is replacing Pizza Friday, mostly because I now have a pizza recipe I like and therefore I do not need to test it weekly.

Instead I now make a cheese board with fresh bread, a cheese or two, fruit, vegetables, nuts, an appetizer and crackers of some sort. I have found this to be a low key dinner option that my husband and I both look forward to. Fridays feel festive again and we both are enjoying testing out new types of cheeses and new appetizers.

If you want me to start sharing our weekly cheese plate and how I determine what goes on the plate, let me know because I would be more than happy to share in a post and reflect on our favorite cheeses or recipes we would eat again.

Hot Tea

I have found the weather to be quite cold as of late and I have enjoyed drinking herbal tea to warm me up. Our current favorite is this one.

I am not sure I have actually mentioned it before, but we have quite the tea collection. I enjoy drinking tea daily. We tried all of the Trader Joe’s teas our favorite being their Chai. We are currently in the process of testing many of the Celestial Seasonings brand teas. Trader Joe’s is too far away so we are using it as an opportunity to explore.

If you have any good recommendations I am always up for testing out new tea.

What are you loving this Thursday? I would love to hear. Please comment below!


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