Bread Baking Resources

Does baking bread intimidate you?

It really doesn’t have to and I have some resources that can help.

I have been making bread for a few years. In college, my final roommate baked bread and it inspired me to try, before then I had only made yeasted rolls. I would be lying if I said my bread was always great, I had many loaves that were undercooked and inedible.

After college, I took a few years before I started baking again. I checked out Baking with Julia from the library and started baking bread in Florida. I found the most challenging part finding the ingredients. The breads in that book required many trips to stores and were eventually acquired at a local beer-making store.

Loaf of bread
King Arthur Bread

Next I started with a sourdough starter my mother in law bought me for my birthday. I tested all the King Arthur recipes that came with it, some had better results than others.

What I found to be most helpful and free when I was getting started was this blog, The Fresh Loaf. Specifically this guide helped me to understand the steps of bread making and make my attempts at the other loaves better.

What has really been a game changer started with this recipe, also free online. I found this to be the best loaf I had made at the time, the photos and descriptions were also quite helpful.

Loaf of bread.
Tartine Bread

In reality though now the best loaf I have made has been from the book Tartine Bread. I have found it to be simple to follow and also gives me the irregular crumb structure I am looking for me inside my loaves.

If you have made bread, what resources do you find useful? I am always looking for new ideas and any suggestions would be great. Right now I am testing out varieties of bread with different flavorings.


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