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Things That Do Not Work For Me-Kitchen Edition

Ever felt fed up by trying to find the tool you need but overwhelmed by clutter.

Here are ways to clear space and create a kitchen you love.

Oh, kitchen of our last apartment, you were the best!

There are many things that may not be for me but are for you so as you read this keep that in mind. Not working for me does not mean it won’t work for you.

Here are things that I do not have or do in the kitchen:

  • Microwave- I have not had a microwave and yes it means at times I eat cold food or I have to plan in advance, but I like the space it clears up.
  • Toaster oven- See same as above, also I find fresh bread does not need to be toasted.
  • Drawers without a purpose. I find knowing where things go in my kitchen makes me feel sane and gives me the knowledge that it is okay.
  • Wing it- I have a plan when I am cooking. I find it gives me confident and even when I am creating a recipe, I start with concrete ideas. I have found for me I like having a plan or a tentative recipe to work from. I just enjoy my time more because of it.
  • Wear an apron- Maybe I should because I do often end up covered in flour, but I often forget and I do not mind me being messy I think it is a part of the fun.

What are things you avoid or ways you try to keep your kitchen a place that you love?


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