Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Tuesday

This is my weekly opportunity to share with you things I am currently loving and enjoying. I love using this as an opportunity to reflect on what I am grateful for in life and to find the best parts. This week we are doing this on a Tuesday because Thursday is PIE DAY!

Small Steps

One of my realizations last year was that I tend to have a rhythm of going all out and then falling apart because I overdid it and I find myself needing a break of a day or two before I am back at it.

This year one of my goals has been to make small sustainable changes. I have been trying to make changes I think can be permanent that will improve me for the long haul. In January, I started with drinking warm lemon water every morning. I have slowly added to that- increasing my steps by 1,000 each week until one week I will be up to 10,000, drinking enough water, giving up snacking, and paying attention to portion size.

My most recent goal is to eat vegetables with every meal. I am finding it to be more challenging than I initially anticipated. I do not reach for vegetables with breakfast, but I am finding if I am intentional about breakfast the rest of the day is easier. I feel like all these small steps help me realize I am in this for the long haul. I am not overwhelmed and needing to rest but am instead building better habits.

Fuzzy Socks

I have been wearing my especially fuzzy socks because my floors are cold and this simple act of self care has been making a world of difference. If my feet feel warmer I feel warmer in general.

Daily Writing

I have been taking the time to write daily, simply for myself. I write 1,000 words per weekday. I started this to cultivate the habit in a more serious way than in my journal, which I typically write in late at night and can be either insightful or rambling depending. I focus my 1,000 words in the morning around a topic if I have one although at times they can be rambling.

I have found as a verbal processor that surprisingly at times writing fulfills my niche. I am able to explore and ramble and ask myself questions about what I am doing. I question my motives or explore things that are troubling me. I am finding that this dedicated time is useful for finding answers. Even if it takes a few days of dedicated writing, I am able to get to the bottom of why I am doing what I am doing and how to change in areas that need it.

My Coat

Woman in navy toggle coat and jeans rolling her eyes.
Oh the snark, I do make the best faces.

I bought this coat this year and I really struggled making the purchase. I am pretty sure I have never spent that much on a coat before and although I loved it I questioned if it would be worth it. I have since worn this coat practically everyday and I love it. I find it so warm and it was ultimately a worthwhile expense.

Alternating Date Nights

This year I was inspired by Jordan Page to switch up how we do date nights. My husband and I have done a weekly date night for a few years now. We typically use it as our one meal out per week and we try new restaurants. I find not having to cook or do the dishes to be a nice time and it is a space for us to remember being just us.

This year though we made one change, rather than having us decide jointly we split the responsibility. I am responsible for choosing one week and my husband the next. I love the excitement of not knowing where we will go and I feel like there is less pressure because I am not making all the choices.

What are things that you are loving this week or things that are working for you?


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