Preparing for Travel and Return

Traveling is hard enough. How can we make it easier?

CN Tower From Below
CN Tower

One of the things I have started to do is to prepare for traveling in advance. Depending on the scale of the trip this can mean different things.

No matter the trip I always start with the basics. Cleaning my house thoroughly so when I come home I do not have to do a thing. I clean out the fridge, make the beds, wash and put away all the dishes, and take out the trash. I find the calm of a clean worth the work of doing more before we leave.

For local trips or road trips, this means packing up the car and giving travel notices to the bank. We usually bring bags for separating laundry as it accumulates on the trip and for the car to contain the garbage.

For larger trips, this means securing tickets, exchanging currency as needed, and ensuring all items we need are with us before we go, these include outlet converters, extra batteries, charging packs, laundry bags, and ensuring passports are still valid.

We tend to leave packing to the night before because most of what we bring we use on a regular basis and we find packing all at once means less things are forgotten.

When we return, we immediately unpack. I love the feeling of having everything be back where it belongs and have no suitcase to unpack the next day.

How do you prepare for travel? What tips do you do before you leave or immediately upon returning?


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